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  • Large Pet Bed

    Large Pet Bed

    Regular Price: £59.99

    Special Price: £29.99

    This luxury pet bed offers your cat or dog the ultimate comfort whilst resting or sleeping.

    Finished in a beautifully soft faux suede, inside and out, it has a memory foam base that moulds to your pet’s body as he or she sleeps.

  • Hanging Dryer

    Hanging Dryer

    Regular Price: £11.99

    Special Price: £2.99

    Dry underwear and other similar items in the smallest space with this versatile dryer.

    Hang it from a shower rail, towel rail or even the washing line, or suction to tiles, to provide 8 mini drying racks complete with 8 useful pegs.

  • Multi Use LED Light

    Multi Use LED Light

    Regular Price: £12.99

    Special Price: £4.99

    Whether camping, dining al fresco, doing DIY, or simply want extra lighting, this versatile light ensures you are not in the dark.

    You can use it as a torch, hang it like a lantern, sit it on a table or worktop or attach it to any metal surface.

  • Big Button Emergency Phone

    Big Button Emergency Phone

    Regular Price: £124.99

    Special Price: £49.99

    A must-have phone for the disabled, elderly or anyone with failing eyesight or hearing.

    It features an easy-to-read big button keypad and a high volume speakerphone as well as an SOS emergency button, located on the phone and on a pendant that can be worn around the neck.

  • British Isles - A Natural History (DVD)

    British Isles - A Natural History (DVD)

    Regular Price: £14.99

    Special Price: £4.99

    Alan Titchmarsh's presentation is both engaging and infectious, and turns what could have been a dry subject into a most fascinating journey into Britain's past, present and possible future.

    3 DVDs  (6 hours, 40 minutes)

  • Non-slip Shower Mat

    Non-slip Shower Mat

    Regular Price: £9.99

    Special Price: £2.99

    Affix this soft flexible plastic mat to the floor of your shower or bath using the many suckers to create an instant non-slip surface.

    The holes in the mat will help the water drain.

    Available in Clear only, Blue now not available.

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As you become older, you may start to experience reduced flexibility, impaired vision, hearing loss, or develop certain medical conditions.
So at Elderberry, we've carefully selected a range of helpful products that will provide solutions for your everyday living. Our range includes soothing support cushions and back supports, easy to use big button phones, helpful health books full of ideas, and even useful kneeler stools for out in the garden.
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